Common Headstamps

The following tables list a few of the more common headstamps on both commercial and military cartridges.

Headstamp Markings Of The Principal American Ammunition Manufacturers
American Cartridge   A                
Austin Powder   APC                
B.E. Cartridge   B.E                
Brass and Metal Manufacturing   B&M                
Browning Arms   Browning                
Bullard Repeating Arms   BULLARD                
Creedmoor Cartridge   C.C.C                
Connecticut Cartridge   C.C.C                
Clinton Cartridge   C.C.Co                
CCI Cartridges   CCI                
E. Remington & Sons   E. REMINGTON & SONS                
Federal Cartridge


  Centerfire Hi-Power Federal FC            
General Electric   GE plus caliber                
Griffon & Howe   G&H                
Hansen   Hansen                
Herters   Herters                
Hornady   Frontier Hornady              
Kathodian Bronze Works   K.B.W.                
Maxim Munitions   MAXIM MMC              
National Brass and Copper   NC H              
Newton Arms   NA plus caliber N.A Co NA Co            
Peters Cartridge


PETERSHV P              


Precision Made Cartridges   PMC                
Remington Arms   Remington REM*UMC RAH REM UMC R-P R.A RA U
Richard Speer Manufacturing   WEATHERBY SPEER              
Robin Hood Ammunition   R.H.A. Co. RHA R            
Robin Hood Powder   RHP Co RHP              
Savage Arms   SA Corp S.A Co Savage S.A. SA        
Savage Repeating Arms   S.R.A.C.O. S.A. Co.              
Sparklet Devices   SD                
Standard Arms   Standard Arms                
Stant Manufacturing   SMCO                
Union Cap and Chemical   U.C.Co                
Union Metallic Cartridge   UMC R B U            
United States Cartridge   *U.S. CARTRIDGE CO* U.S.C. CO. U.S. RL US        
Western Cartridge   WESTERN SUPER-X SUPER X W.C.Co. WCC W      
Winchester   SUPER SPEED Winchester W.C.Co. Win H W      
Winchester Repeating Arms   Staynless WRA Co W.R.A. WRA          
Winchester-Western   super speed W-W              
Worchester Stamped Metal   W SM Co                

United States Arsenal Headstamp Markings
Alleghany Ordnance Plant   K S plus date KS plus date  
Denver Ordnance Plant   D E N plus date DEN plus date  
Des Moines Ordnance Plant   D M plus date DM plus date  
Eau Claire Ordnance Plant   E W plus date EW plus date  
Evansville Chrysler Sunbeam Plant   E C S plus date ECS plus date  
Evansville Ordanace Plant   E C plus date EC plus date  
Frankford Arsenal   CF plus date FA plus date F plus date
Frankford Arsenal Laboratory   FAL plus date    
Lake City Arsenal   L C plus date LC plus date  
Lowell Ordance Plant   L M plus date LM plus date  
Milwaukee Ordanace Plant   M plus date    
Saint Louis Ordanace Plant   S L plus date SL plus date  
Twin Cities Ordanace Plant   T W plus date TW plus date  
Utah Ordance Plant   UT plus date U plus date  

Credit the International Ammunition Association